An amazing new technology that is taking selfies to the next level is green screen photo booths.  These super fun rental booths come complete with a camera system and an on-demand printer.  While green screens have been around for a while, they have not been available to the general public.  But now you can rent them for a small fee and have them delivered to your event. There are many different ways to enjoy green screen photo shoot that you will learn more about below.

Host a Green Screen Photo Shoot

  • Weddings:

    Do you want to liven up that special day? Why not incorporate a green screen photo shoot into your wedding day?  Your guests will really enjoy taking photos and it will give them something to remember your big day.

  • Charity events:

    When hosting a fundraising event, a green screen photo booth will help guest loosen up and have a good time, which just might put them in the charitable mood.

  • Birthday parties:

    Kids and adult birthday parties are difficult to plan. Finding fun things for your guests to do can be hard.  But renting a green screen photo booth will make the day bright for everyone.  Taking pictures in these high-tech booths will put a smile on anyone’s face.

  • Family reunions

    : Getting together with the family is a wonderful event. Many of your relatives that you have not seen in years will be attending, so why not make the day one to remember with a green screen photo booth?  Your family members will really enjoy taking fun pictures using this very cool technology.

  • School events:

    Teachers, impress your students with a green screen photo shoot on your next school event. School fairs, dances, and graduations would all benefit from a green screen photo booth.  Just imagine all the fun your students will have!

  • Pet adoption drives:

    Pet adoption events are a great way to get those homeless pets a forever home. When people come in to adopt a pet, a great way to send them off is with a picture to remember the day by.  A cute picture of their new dog or cat will also help promote your animal shelter.