An exciting new technology that used to only be available to filmmakers is now accessible to the public.  Green screen event photography is now found in every major city in the world.  This technology is used by Hollywood to create special effects, but now you too can enjoy its benefits.  Today we are going to learn how green screen event photography work and how it can liven up any party.

How Does Green Screen Event Photography Work?

Green screen event photography uses a green background.  A special Chroma key camera is used in green screen photography because it will turn any background into anything imaginable.  This setup looks much like an ordinary photo shoot but with a more surprising outcome.  Participants will get to choose from a wide range of backgrounds which will whisk them away to a different time and place.  Photos are sent to an onsite printer to produce in seconds.  This will give participants a photo to take home with them. In addition, the party will be so much fun to talk about!  Below we will learn what events might benefit from this type of photography.

Great for Children’s Birthday Parties  

This amazing photo technology is great for many different events including children’s birthday parties.  Just imagine the excitement kids will have to choose super cool backgrounds to take a picture with.  Green screen event photography is a great way to liven up a child’s party and make memories that will last forever.

Wonderful for Weddings 

A wedding is yet another event that could greatly benefit from green screen technology.  Guests at the reception will line up for their chance inside the booth.  This is a great way to add a fun twist to the wedding that will have a high approval rating among guests.  Guests young and old will love to have their pictures taken inside of these amazing green screen booths.

Corporate Events 

Many corporate events can be boring.  A great way to add some excitement to this official event is by renting a green screen photo booth.  Setting up one of these booths will take some pressure off guests and allow them to let their hair down a bit.