A great way to put a smile on a kid’s face is with a green screen rental.  These high-tech photo booths are a great way to give kids something to do during events.  Snapping fun photos with their friends is any kid’s idea of a good time. The memories they will make is something that they will cherish all of their lives. Below are several different kid-friendly events that a green screen rental would be perfect for. So if you have kids, you should really pay close attention to this helpful information.

Four Events That Are Perfect for Green Screens

  1. Birthday parties:

    We all know that kids love birthday parties. The combination of presents, ice cream, and cake with exciting games is something they all look forward to.  But what if you could make their special day even greater?  Well, now you can with a green screen photo booth rental!  Kids of all ages will have great fun taking their turn inside these cool booths.

  2. School dances:

    While school dances are super fun all on their own, a green screen photo booth could make things even more fun. During the event, kids will love to take turns and take special photos together.  At the end of the event, they will have a photo to remember their magical night.

  3. Class carnivals:

    Each year many schools across the nation host class carnivals. These are super fun events and kids get to play games.  A great addition to any class carnival is a green screen photo booth.  It will allow kids to have some fun and give them something to take home at the end of the day.

  4. Family reunions:

    During family reunions, kids often get bored.  While there is plenty to do for adults, kids are often overlooked.  A great way to add some kid-friendly excitement to your next family reunion is to rent a green screen photo booth.  This will keep kids busy for hours and keep them from getting into trouble at the same time.