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Kids Love a Green Screen Rental!

A great way to put a smile on a kid’s face is with a green screen rental.  These high-tech photo booths are a great way to give kids something to do during events.  Snapping fun photos with their friends is any kid’s idea of a good time. The memories they will make is something that [...]

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Liven Up Any Event by Renting a West Palm Photo Booth

Are you planning an event in the West Palm Beach area?  Perhaps you are going to throw a birthday party for your child or an elderly family member?  If you are, then you are probably trying to find a way to make your next event more fun and exciting. In addition, finding something unique can [...]

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Host a Green Screen Photo Shoot

An amazing new technology that is taking selfies to the next level is green screen photo booths.  These super fun rental booths come complete with a camera system and an on-demand printer.  While green screens have been around for a while, they have not been available to the general public.  But now you can rent [...]

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How Does Green Screen Event Photography Work?

An exciting new technology that used to only be available to filmmakers is now accessible to the public.  Green screen event photography is now found in every major city in the world.  This technology is used by Hollywood to create special effects, but now you too can enjoy its benefits.  Today we are going to [...]

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Unique Green Screen Portraiture for Weddings

Weddings are beautiful events that need to be captured in a very special way.  Hiring a wedding photographer is one way to achieve this goal because the memories are precious.  In addition to a photographer, what if there is a more unique way to capture those wedding moments? Well, now there is! Green Screen Portraiture [...]

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Four Events That Green Screen Backgrounds Can Liven Up

Green screen backgrounds make picture taking fun and they are a great way to liven up things.  These new mobile green screen backgrounds can be taken just about anywhere.  As long as you have a source of power these amazing screens can be used.  Today we are going to look at four events that would [...]

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Photo Booths with Green Screen Technology

Do you have an upcoming event and wish to make it really special?  Many people who plan events struggle to find ways to make their events unique but fun.  One great way to put a spin on your event and have some great fun at the same time is with photo booths.  Renting photo booths [...]

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