Do you have an upcoming event and wish to make it really special?  Many people who plan events struggle to find ways to make their events unique but fun.  One great way to put a spin on your event and have some great fun at the same time is with photo booths.  Renting photo booths will really surprise your guests and allow them to capture the fun moments at the same time.  But what if they could be even better? Also, what if your event could send your guests to all sorts of places?

Green Screen Photo Booths Are Simply Amazing

A great way to show your guests a wonderful time at your event is by offering them a unique experience.  One of the best ways to capture those special moments is by renting your very own green screen photo booth.  The green screen technology allows guests’ to be whisked away to tropical beaches, the moon and everywhere in between.  This is because green screens let you choose among many different types of background, and you will look as if you were actually there in person!

Great for Children’s Parties

Do you want to bring joy to your child’s birthday party?  If so, then a green screen just might do the trick!  Kids simply love the backgrounds, and to let their imaginations run wild.  Plus, the photos taken will give kids something to always remember.

Wonderful for Weddings

Another event that would benefit from a green screen photo session is a wedding.  Just imagine capturing those special moments with the many different backgrounds these photo booths have to offer!  You and your wedding guests will have a blast taking pictures in this totally new and unique way.

Great for Pool Parties

Do you want to make a big splash with your guests outside of the water?  These state-of-the-art green screens are totally mobile.  They are often used to liven up a summer pool party because who doesn’t love to make goofy pictures?  Guests will love pretending that they are on an exotic white sand beach and have their photo taken in their favorite summertime attire.  Ask your guests to bring a Hawaiian shirt and have a fun luau!