Weddings are beautiful events that need to be captured in a very special way.  Hiring a wedding photographer is one way to achieve this goal because the memories are precious.  In addition to a photographer, what if there is a more unique way to capture those wedding moments? Well, now there is!

Green Screen Portraiture For Weddings Is Simply An Amazing Technology

Are you looking for a unique way to capture those wedding moments?  If so, why not consider renting a green screen for that special day?  There are many ways that a green screen photo booth can help make your wedding day a real blast.  Below you will learn how green screen technology can help turn your wedding into a night or day filled with fantasy and fun. Due to the growing demand for photo booths at weddings, chroma key technology is something no one can lose interest in.

Portraiture for Weddings

A green screen portraiture for weddings is the perfect way to capture those bride and groom moments with their friends. Also, this includes goofy faces and foreign places in the background.  Choose from many different romantic backgrounds for your pictures.  Slip away to a tropical island or spend the night taking pictures in the City of Love Paris, France.  There are many backgrounds to choose from and green screen technology can help turn an ordinary photo shoot into something magical.  So instead of a normal portraiture for weddings, why not do something artistic and unique for your big day?

Great for The Reception

Want to make your wedding reception super special?  Why not let green screen photography help?  Your wedding guests will love taking funny pictures that they’ll always remember.  Your guests will be able to zip off to space or have their pictures taken in the Big Apple.  The sky really is the limit when it comes to green screen photography.  Your guests will be standing in line waiting to have their pictures taken!

Fun for Kids and Grownups Alike 

Not only will your adult guests get a kick out of taking green screen photos but so will the kids.  A great way to keep your youngest guests from getting bored is by letting them take photos in the green screen booth.  They will simply love choosing their own backgrounds and it’s a fun way for them to remember your wedding day.